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rustic wimberley elopement at the cedars ranch | austin photographer

one of my favorite things about working with couples is paying attention to tiny details that most would overlook. as a storytelling photographer, it's important to notice how couples hold hands, how and when they exchange smiles, and what puts them at ease. most of these take some time to pick up on, but it was clear to me that chris + elise were my favorite type of couple from their initial email. elise signed her emails with something that made me smile every time, like "the sappy bride" or "the gypsy who swore she would never marry."

it was obvious they weren't caught up in putting on a production, they wanted an intimate ceremony between the two of them to celebrate their love. i will take that mindset one hundred times over the alternative, because when the focus is on their connection, everyone is comfortable.

enjoy my ten favorite photos from their day. they carried their own belongings and poured their own drinks. chris played their favorite song from his phone and danced with a smirk as elise walked down the aisle. they didn’t care about the details; they wanted to be married. no superficial display from these high school sweethearts, just true love on their perfect day.

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