about me


yooo! my name is tim and i'm based in austin, texas. originally from the east coast but raised in the midwest, i'm a full time photographer, a father of daughters, and married to the love of my life - lindsey.

i recently turned 30, but i started working in corporate america at 19 while pursuing my bachelor's degree. i thrive on passion, and i knew i was missing it in that environment. with my personality type, you can only work in that environment for so long before your true passions break through. in 2018, after long conversations with my wife and two years of building a business, i left that world and went all in on photography and it has been one of the best decisions i've ever made. photography leaves me feeling fulfilled and valued in ways that i didn't think were possible, not just from creating art but through forming lifelong relationships.

the primary focus of my work is the pure emotion that exists between couples of all types. i believe that even imperfect photos can reflect the most powerful moments.

my approach to photography is unique in the sense that i don't believe in manufacturing moments. i believe that the organic, in-between moments are the most powerful, but are overlooked by most. these are the moments that become real memories.


i'm excited to share my passion with you, but more importantly, to become friends.

all my best,


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