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northwest austin elopement

kaela + jeramy celebrated their relationship with a small ceremony at st. edwards park in northwest austin. it had been raining on and off all day, but the skies dried up as soon as we stepped out of our cars. after they exchanged vows, we cracked a couple of their favorite sangria ciders, threw on some music, and just enjoyed our time together.

jeramy and kaela both worked at a bakery, where shortly after meeting, jeramy told her that he would marry her. he was right.

i met my wife at 18 and also was a young parent, so i heavily relate with these two. when i asked kaela what the hardest part about being a new mom was, she told me it’s not having much help. her and jeramy don’t have family in town, and none of their friends have kids yet. all they have is each other, but they’ve quickly learned that’s enough. nothing but love for these newlyweds, and baby aurora. ❤️

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