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Engagement Session in Downtown Austin

Every once in a while, a couple will come my way and inquire about a photography session with no clear vision in mind. They know they want photos for some life milestone like an engagement or even just for fun, but that's as far as they've planned. There's one thing they always tell me, "we trust you." They trust my eye and the vision I put together based on what I've learned about them in one phone call. That's pretty powerful.

I met up with Ash + Aaron on top of a parking garage in downtown Austin. We walked through the city and explored the area looking for inspiring locations. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. We listened to music and talked a lot about our lives and what allowed us to come together to take these photos in Texas, as none of us are originally from Austin.

We had fun. That's what I want my couples to get out of sessions with me - not just great photos that tell your story, but a great experience as well. It should feel like a date, not just like taking pictures.

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