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Adventurous Couples Session in Austin, Texas

I love couples with passions, especially when they’re shared. The older we get, the easier it becomes to push the things we love aside. When Samuel told me that he and Karly are into high-lining, I knew I had to tag along for an evening with their van livin’, dog lovin’ lifestyle. I'm so appreciative they welcomed me along to share their story.

I arrived just as they finished setting up their line. Once it was set, they first went out individually. I was so fascinated by the sport that I had to frequently remind myself to continue taking photos because I had never seen this done in person. On the drive there I was thinking, I'm sure I could get out on that line, but after watching them, I'll stay in my lane on this one. After about 15 minutes of playing around, they joined each other on the line where I was able to capture some couples photos. Afterwards, I took some photos of them breaking down the line, spending time with their dog, and loading up their van.

People are so unique. I've always felt compelled to document stories that make my audience think differently. Stories that remind others that the world is so full of diversity and incredible humans doing really cool things. If you've got an interesting story, I'd love to help share it.

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