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frequently asked questions

hands underwater with a wedding ring

q: we're awkward, is that a problem?

a: you and i both! we can be awkward together. it's absolutely not a problem. 99% of the people that i work with have zero modeling experience. through conversation and trust-building, my primary focus is to make everyone comfortable before i start taking photos. i've never heard, "wow - that was awkward", but i ALWAYS hear, "wow - that was a lot less awkward and a whole lot more fun than i thought it would be."

q: what's your style?

a: i think the best description of my style is 'creative documentary'. i will be heavily involved on your wedding day - in fact, on your day you'll likely spend more time with me than your new spouse. how's that for a fun fact? however, natural moments don't happen when photographers insert themselves too much in an effort to try and make moments "perfect". those photos feel fake. of course ideal light is always desired but even more important than that are the raw + authentic moments. i make sure i am where i need to be, when i need to be, to capture moments without manufacturing them.

q: what’s your philosophy on editing + retouching?

a: photos that come out of the camera look very flat, so editing is necessary. these photos have much less emotion than something you’re used to seeing floating around on social media. since so much of my work is based on real people and real moments, i try to keep my editing very simple. my goal with editing is to enhance the mood of that specific moment in time. i adjust colors, but will generally leave scars or any other permanent features. it’s part of you. i will slightly soften skin and remove temporary blemishes.

q: is the retainer refundable?

a: it isn't.

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q: when should we book you for our wedding?

a: great question! my availability depends greatly on the seasons - spring and fall being the most desired dates. i suggest placing your deposit as soon as you are able, as i book up to 18 months in advance. 

q: do you shoot destination weddings or adventurous elopements?

a: i do - they’re amazing! roughly half of the weddings i photograph are outside of texas with a few of them being out of the country. my favorite part about photographing destinations is the inspiration that comes with the variation in terrain and architecture.

q: do you provide videography services?

a: i choose to fully focus on photography while photographing weddings. i’ve seen one person try to juggle photography and videography at the same and let me tell you… you don’t want that either. i do have a list of videographers that i’ve worked with, both locally and out of state, in the past and i’d be more than happy to provide you a list of recommendations.

q: do you have an assistant?

a: depending on the flow of your specific wedding day, i may bring an assistant to help coordinate. if it is a more intimate wedding, i often handle those solo. i shoot roughly 80% of weddings solo. if you'd like to have a second photographer, we can discuss that.

mother of the bride helping the bride get dressed

q: how many pictures will we receive? how long does it take? how do you deliver them?

a: this varies greatly depending on the flow of events on your wedding day. if it is busy and loaded with activity, the photo quantity will reflect that. i will never withhold a good photo from you; i deliver however many photos it takes to tell your story from my perspective. i promise no less than 50 per hour. while my contract says your gallery can take up to a few months, most galleries are delivered within 6 weeks.

​q: how do you like your coffee?

a: americanos or black coffee - all day.

q: your style is very candid, do you also take formal family portraits?

a: absolutely - your gallery wouldn’t be complete without them! i’ll photograph formally-posed group photos, details, and guests throughout the day, in addition to all of the genuine, unposed moments. i'd say at least 80% of my work is candid, while 20% or less is formal and posed.

q: what should we wear during our engagement session?

a: the short answer is, whatever you want! i'm by no means a stylist; i tend to lean into neutrals. i want your outfits to be the least interesting thing about the photos. anything too bright or busy can take away from the emotion in the images. if you're a visual person, you can get some inspiration here.

a couple eating pizza at their wedding

q: do you deliver raw (unedited) images?

a: all of your final images will be available for download through an online gallery. all of these photos will be touched up and edited to the standards that i hold my photography to. the raws are used to create the final product that is consistent with my brand. couples who select me choose me for a particular energy + look, which my editing is a part of. i do not deliver unedited photos.

q: do we need to provide you a shot list?

a: please don’t. lengthy shot lists slow me down and interrupt the creative process. i’ve photographed a lot of weddings and if you are selecting me as your chosen artist to document your day, i hope you trust me to capture it! if there is a particular photo you would like, just tell me! i’ll make sure we get it.


q: do you have liability insurance?

a: absolutely.

q: what are your rates?

a: most couples spend somewhere between 4-7k. you can find more information here.


q: how do we proceed?

a: if you haven’t already, please submit an inquiry and i’ll get back to you within 48 hours!

a married couple hiking at their wedding in interlaken, switzerland
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