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a little background

you don't need me to tell you that 2020 has been a hell of a year. maybe you've used this time to improve your habits, or maybe you've stopped working out and started drinking at noon on wednesdays. or maybe you've never exercised and want to start, i don't know your life.

all i know is i'm somewhere in the middle depending on the day. i'm either drinking coffee or beer, and the time of day doesn't matter. i feel like i have no structure to my days and my routine is often a mess. i also know i love self-improvement and am always down for a challenge.


enter - sober october.

the challenge

30 days. no booze. $10 donation to enter.


challenge yourself to quit drinking and run/walk/crawl as many miles as you can in the month. if you log the most miles, you choose which charity the money is donated to. if you don't, you'll go into november a better person and into the holidays with a great routine.

the purpose of this challenge is to have some accountability to improve your own discipline and health, while ending up with a donation for a reputable charity. if you don't want to commit to giving up alcohol, you can still donate!

the details

1. complete the form below to enter before 10/1.

2. venmo/cashapp your minimum $10 donation to @barefoottim/$timlaielli.

3. download strava and track the miles you walk/run for the month. no cheating!

4. i'll send weekly emails for you to enter your miles, so you can see where you stack up.

5. on november 1st, a final email will be sent to log + validate your total miles and a winner will be announced!

sign up


thanks for entering! all donations will be fully transparent and tracked. share this on social media and invite your friends!

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