hideaway 2022

9/12 - 9/15

austin, tx

what a crazy couple years it's been for us as photographers. toggling between excitement and exhaustion, the last two years have been a lot to handle. with everyone rescheduling their celebrations to this year and next, we're all feeling it.


maybe you're enjoying the extra income, or maybe you're struggling to find inspiration. i know how it feels when your creativity is drained from too many withdrawals and not enough deposits.

we put so much energy into our work that we often forget about ourselves. when we neglect our own health, our subjects feel the impact as well. i've learned that intentional play + rest is more effective for my wellbeing than a reactive step away.


i'm booking a private property for four days in september for my second annual hideaway. i want to use this time to give us the rest we deserve, while still progressing our businesses and our talents. i'll talk you through my creative process, show you how i work with couples during my sessions, and share my editing workflow with you. i believe i have things to teach you, and plan to learn from you as well.

more importantly, we'll carve out time to relax. think of it as more productive than a retreat, but more relaxed than a workshop. i'll make a family dinner from scratch while we enjoy the community we're building.

whether you're getting started building your photography business, or just need a break from years of hustling - i'd like you to join me.


what's included?


- 3 days, 4 nights of lodging on a private property in the texas hill country

breathwork, guided meditation, and yoga sessions

- outdoor leisure activities, think swimming holes + hiking

- roundtable-style presentation personalized for the group in attendance

- individualized 1 on 1's with tim

-all meals and accommodations 

-from scratch family dinner

- 3 adventurous styled shoots

- good vibes

interested in attending?

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